Sunday, August 11, 2013

Does Bark Off Really Work?

You've seen the ad. The dogs barking randomly out of nowhere, just like yours and then with the flip of a switch, it immediately stops. What is this dark magic?

Does the Bark Off really work? Before we can determine whether it "works" we have to see what it actually claims to do.

  • Allows you to take control over your dogs nuisance barking
  • Switch on the Bark Off device and an ultrasonic signal instantly captures your dogs attention
  • Inaudible to human ears
  • Activated by barking
  • Works up to 20 feet away

The real description

Down to the fine print it does not explicitly say it stops the barking. The device is just an ultrasonic signal emitter. All you'll hear is a light buzz or clicking sound but your dog, Oh your dog is gonna hear it loud and clear. This thing is meant to annoy your dog to the point where they will just stop barking.

bark off image of dog

Does it Work?

Does this magical device stop your dogs barking? No. Does this device really really annoy your dog thereby maybe causing him or her to give up barking? Maybe.

That's all it is.

Your dog is annoying the heck out of you? Annoy him right back. They call it humane, so no worries. Whether this thing is gonna

What Other People Are Saying

My frisky, intelligent dog was turned into a neurotic, whimpering animal within an hour of this product being turned on. She went to the farthest corner of the house and crawled into the corner to escape it's possible continuous sound...
By Blue Dawg [Source]

I've had it for a couple of weeks and a couple of thoughts on how to get better results from this. Used properly, it's a good training tool.

First, I would not leave it running 24/7. For those who do, you'll have very short battery life which might account for people saying that it stopped working after a couple of days. Also, since any noise will trigger the device you may be barraging your dog with a very confusing training message when it goes off from noise from the television while your dog is completely silent...
By J. Luigi [Source]

How much does it cost?

This is an As Seen on Tv product. It's meant to appear cheap on TV but when you actually call to order this or anything, you will always be slapped in the face with Shipping and Handling fees. It's a scheme all its own. $9.95 S&H plus the $9.95 that it actually costs, plus any applicable taxes. Buy it on their website though and shipping goes down to $6.95. Buying online is always your best best as it is always cheaper. You can get it from Amazon for only $5.90!


I can't predict whether this will work on your dog or not, for me it only worked on one dog while the other one just kept barking at it continuously. Is this device one that accurately and humanely stops dogs from barking? No it is not. I declare the Bark Off a Ripp Off. Totally Busted.

The Bark Off is a Bust

Have you tried the Bark Off yourself? If so did it work for you? It would be great if people that have used it before can share some tips.