Sunday, July 10, 2011

Does Furniture Fix Work? Is it Legit?

You probably saw the commercial about this Furniture Fix and you are wondering, "Does this really work or what?"

The commercial claims a lot of things. Even that this Furniture Fix is actually strong enough to support TWO giant sumo wrestlers!

First of all lets list all the things this product claims to do:

-Quick fix for old sagging furniture
-Save money AND your couch
-Instant support for sagging springs
-Easy to use
-No tools required
-$14.95 for one set of six panels
-$5.95 for shipping
-Call and receive a second set of six panels FREE

I got some of the information above from their website here. Check out the commercial where they throw in a second set of six panels for FREE when you call:

Ok now after some thorough research we are ready to tell it like it is. Check it out.

When you call you order one set of six panels for $14.95 plus $5.95 for shipping, that comes down to a total of $20.90--but wait! you get second set free for calling so that should still be $20.90 right? wrong. You must pay again for the shipping of the second set, so that boils down to a total of $26.85.

But wait! There's more. Lets take a closer look at the commercial...

If we look closely we can literally see what we get compared to what they show. The result is eye opening. I took a snapshot so you could see what I mean. Look:
You get only 6 panels when you buy it online but when you buy it when its on tv and call, you get second set free. that is what I have illustrated above.
One set of six - $20.90 (with shipping)
Second set free - $5.95 (with shipping)
but your couch requires way more than 12 panels obviously, so you must BUY a second set!
Second set to fill couch - 20.90 (with shipping)
Total - $47.93

But wait, what about your other couch!? Your second couch might be smaller but it would still require at least 12 panels. That's at least another $26.85 if they are nice enough to give you the free offer again.

Grand Total - $74.78 + TAX

I think we have seen enough here. This product is definitely NOT cheap. And if we go to the our list of things it claims to do, being cheap is not on the list. What IS on the list is Save money AND your couch; which means you save money when buying this product because it saves your couch and you don't have to buy a new one. so so far everything they have said is true...

OK lets move on to the next important thing, does this product actually work?
First off, you must know, there is no way I'm spending so much money to test this thing out my self. But lets look to the brave souls who have purchased this product and see what they think.

Lets see what Tina had to say:
I bought one Furniture Fix set via phone….second set is supposed to be free….total of 12 panels….4 furniture movers (bonus)….couch pouch (bonus) P & H is $6.95 plus an additional $6.95 for the free second set….tax is $1.93….TOTAL SHOULD BE $32.82….all of this as the advertisement states…THEY CHARGED ME $66.77….am going to call them Monday (this is Friday), if they don’t refund $33.95, I will be contacting the VT and Ma Attorney Generals to file a complaint, will call the BBB to do the same and will tell everyone I know about this rip-off and ask them to have their friends do the same….let’s put them out of business….I will never purchase anything on line again unless I Google them first…..ashamed, but wiser."

I forgot to mention the darn furniture movers! hahaha. Well... Looks like Tina isn't very happy... --Ok now let's listen to Debbie here:
"Ok, I didn’t read reviews, I was stupid, charged $97.00!! Cancelled and they still shipped!! Anyone know what I can do?? They say there is nothing I can do. Called my bank, hasn’t posted yet, but can’t stop debit card payment!! Since I was stupid enough to fill it out…on fixed income…help please…god bless you all and the ones who fell for this BS."

WOW, she definitely got ripped off. If you want to see more unsatisfied customers, click here.

Enough lollygagging, does Furniture Fix work?!
Ok, the short answer is YES. This product actually works and its cheaper than buying a new couch, but it is by no means CHEAP(Unless your rich.)

Also look here, it appears like this product is nothing but bad news. If you check out the Furniture Fix Website you can see at the bottom that S&H there is a whopping $7.95! and with that I am ready for a verdict.

Is Furniture Fix Legit?
Hell no, it's total BS. This things a bust. Total rip off. It doesn't matter if this thing works, once you buy it, your going to feel like a dumbass...

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